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Commissions Paid on Finished time instead of start time




  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    Thanks for the feedback Renee! This is an issue the team has been discussing over the last few weeks. The problem with using finished time is that if a driver is done with the job but knows he's close to getting paid commission he'll hold off on finishing the call just to get the extra commission. We are currently working on commissions for DA Beta but I don't expect finished time calculations to be in the initial release. We'll add it to a future release as an update. I've marked this feature as planned.

  • Michael

    All our drivers are paid commission and it is based on FINISHED time.  If the problem is that someone has a dishonest driver, that is personnel issue for that one DA user NOT for all of us.  

    Users should have control of how DA functions - not some application developers group who have little idea of how varied towing companies are.



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