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    Aleksandar Petkovic

    Thanks for the feedback, I tried to answer each of your bullet points above...

    1. The grid should always be automatically up to date. Make sure you drivers are running the latest version of the app. Does this happen to all your users or just one? Does it happen more often in certain scenarios or a time of day?
    2. I've found we have three missing icons: Heart, Smile and Frown. We'll add them in a future release.
    3. We'll fix those unpopulated columns in a future release.
    4. We've added new options to auto-correct the address on geocode in division settings. Also, if the job was imported we prevent the lat/long from updating due to motor club billing. We've debated adding an option to allow override of that functionality, let me know if that's what you want.
    5. Not enlarging photos is a bug. We'll fix it in a future release.
    6. The distance from final destination is currently a straight line distance, not a calculated route. Changing to a calculated route is possible but it adversely affects performance. If it's something more users request we can certainly look into adding it.


  • Reliefnetinc

    Thank you

  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    Fixed the Dispatcher, Entered By, Cancelled By columns, and priority icons in the latest beta release. Details here:


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