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Little things that could use attention



  • Scott Raughton

    Accounts both General Tab & Account Data...

    Remarks Field: After saving Remarks Field displays a ton of HTML tags making it confusing to find your actual remarks. Not bad for setting up initially but for those that will ALLOW regular users to view the general tab IF that security setting (View an Account(GeneralTab)) carries over from DA2 it will likely confuse users. On the Account data tab the remarks do the same thing, however the Invoice Message field does not display the same behavior.

    That said, I hope in the future the View an Account (General Tab) setting is carried over to new DA.

  • Scott Raughton

    I like the clean interface but miss being able to view the type/number/div/status of an account in the old DA grid. Never really cared about ETA. More so the ability to sort by those fields when doing maintenance for accounts of the same type. It's nice to be able to focus on certain groups when editing and not have to scroll through your whole list searching.

  • Scott Raughton

    Beta/settings/accounts/ Job Edit Screen (aka Call Template)
    Will you please expose the Bill To:
    Preferably with a list populated from accounts as I always wanted it in DA2 but had to manually enter the account (usually copied and pasted from the account I wanted to be the bill to so proper spelling was used to bill the correct account.

    This is very helpful when you have say multiple GEICO accounts for different areas you service that need to come into DA under their different vendor numbers. But when you want to track billing you want to see all GEICO calls. For example you could have GEICO VA-12345, GEICO MD-54321, GEICO OH-OU812 all bill to an account just named GEICO.

    Another helpful use is creating cash accounts or using the once generic one and setting them to the bill to on calls for police departments and impounds from private property.

    You take a call for your Local PD by default you would be billing Local PD, change the default Bill To and since 99% if the time the owner, insurance company or another towing company will be picking the car up and paying for it you won't accidentally bill your Local PD for the tow. If you happen to be towing a cruiser or something that should be billed to them you manually set your Bill To back the Req by.

    Same logic with cars removed from private property. Most folks won't be billing Joe's Apartments for a car towed from the firelane, likely it will be picked up by the owner and paid for, makes more sense to have default Bill To set to a cash account. But if the property manager needs the maintenance man's truck towed for repairs you can easily bill the property.



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