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Searching for Calls




  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    Thanks for the feedback Jenepher!

    You can currently search for an address or phone number just by typing it into the search box in the upper right hand corner. That will return any job with that information regardless of status. If you are looking for fine tuning a search, use the advanced search option that appears in the menu when you click into the search box. There you have fields for searching the incident location name and address as well as the destination and phone numbers.

    As for the past due flag, that's a great suggestion. I'll add it as a future feature.

  • Michelle

    Something to go along with this that will also help is a box that pops up on impound vehicles or other calls as needed like they have in banks with urgent messages that we can put in so that nothing is missed.  Such as Do Not Release Vehicle, or get copy of id, etc.

  • Quik Pik

    we use the "group by box" option for searchs and reviewing drivers calls at the end of shift ... is that going to be available?


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