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Copy/Paste Feature



  • Scott Raughton

    Not sure if anybody mentioned or where you are trying to do this, often times IF Copy, Cut & Paste functions are not enabled by a right click you can still use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish the task.

    For example, highlight and right click AAA website content, select copy. Go to field in DA, click in it to select field and then hold Ctrl + V to paste. Again, not sure where you are trying to do this but it worked in DA 2.0 everywhere you might want to paste something where no right click menu existed.

  • Laurie

    I did not know that! Thank you for the advice I will let the dispatchers know so they can try it!

  • renee.underwood

    We have had trouble with this also. We use Ctrl + C to copy the information from beacon and then try and paste it to google to look up an address for a business or something. This worked in the old dispatch anywhere and it worked but it isn't working in Beta.


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