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More Colors on Priority Icons



  • Ronnie Smith

    If you use numbers to identify your priorities, the grid now moves 10&11 between 1&2. Do we have to change the numbers 1 through 9 to 01 through 09?

  • Alice

    We agree - would love to see way more colors in the flag icon

  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    Two part answer...

    Sorting: We currently use an alphabetical sort based on the priority description. That's why you are seeing the behavior of 10 and 11 in-between 1 and 2. What I suggest we do is allow our users to drag priorities in any order they like in settings. That way the descriptions won't matter, the priorities will always be in the order the customer wants them to be.

    Colors: We can add more colored flag priority icons. However, that somewhat defeats the purpose of having icons as priorities in the first place. What types of priorities do you have that currently don't have a good icon? Maybe we can add new icons that fit those priority descriptions. That way you have the benefit of a different shape and color for each priority.

  • Ronnie Smith

    I think we have some confusion on the definition of the term priority.  Back in 2000 when John was working with us, he came up with an idea of icons identifying things like road club calls, police calls, dealer calls, cash calls…  This type of “priority” does not work in the world of dispatching and I’m not sure how it relates to the word priority. 

    Look at these scenarios and you may understand. 

    1. Say you have a road club call blocking the interstate, or a police call, or a child locked in a car.  This type of call would be considered an emergency and would classify as a priority 1 identified as a red call.  It could be a road club call, a dealer call, a shop call, a cash call or any type of call that would be identified by one of these icons.
    2. A customer is on the side of the road in the heat waiting with his car, a customer is in a hurry and needs to leave the house…  These are priority 2 calls (say green calls) and need to be done asap, but fall below emergency 1 calls.
    3. A priority 3 call is a vehicle that the keys are under the mat, or at one shop being moved to another.  This may have a blue priority.
    4. A priority 4 is say a yellow call and is scheduled for an exact time the driver has to meet the customer.
    5. A priority 5 could be a hold for call priority, waiting for the customer to call back and can’t be dispatched till then.

    During Katrina we used many different priority colors to identify different stages a call may be in being that some vehicles took weeks to get to.  Colors allow Beacon customers to get creative with priorities and not force them to use an icon that has nothing to do with the priority of a group of calls.  I’m not saying eliminate the icons, over the years some customers may have found a use for some of them, but we need to find a way to put colors in priorities.

  • Alice

    We use the priority feature as a status update as well. So we have priorities that are things like, appointments, awaiting payment, waiting for a part, call back and so on. We use the color system and each color has a different meaning.

  • Michael

    We also use the priority feature to indicate calls that are finished and ready to be posted to accounting.


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