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Partial / discount payments for storage yard releases.




  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    I really like this suggestion. I floated it by the team this morning and we all agreed it's something we should add. However, at this stage in our development, the goal is to make the new DA beta backwards compatible with DA2. This might be one of those breaking changes where we'll need to wait for the new DA to be mature enough for your entire company to run it exclusively.

  • Bill Weihrouch

    I'm sorry that you feel that way. Again, a big issue. I want to be able to print a report that's correct, not one that I have to manually go back through thousands of calls and determine which ones we released for less than what's reported in the system. A true A/R MUST report correctly or it's as useless as tits on a boar hog. Currently, the only way to discount a call is to manually change one of the services so the total amount collected jives with the system but this really doesn't work either because it shows you shorting one of the services.

    My bookkeeper rolls her eyes every time I try and hand her a report generated from DA, it's never anywhere near correct and essentially useless in this format.

    I was promised this would be fixed with this version.....

  • Aleksandar Petkovic

    This will definitely be addressed in the new DA. However, our requirements for the beta are to make the new DA backwards compatible with DA2. We must allow our customers to test the new DA beta in confidence. Any changes or actions performed in the new DA beta will not break or corrupt data in DA2. Adding a discount field which affects invoice totals and job pricing to new DA beta but not in DA2 is certainly a breaking change.

    I think you'll really like what we have planned for accounting (including your discount field). It's coming soon, after we transition away from DA2.


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