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Over mileage or Dollar amount Limit Message



  • Dispatch Headquarters

    I agree that would be a useful feature, also the adding services and the whole services section of a call could be simplified there seems to be to much clutter that is not needed at dispatch time and usefull stuff like comments about the service requires a long scroll to the right.

  • Michael

    I would also like to see the comments field closer to the quantiy/rate fields.  It would encourage the use of comments which are needed to get paid by motorclubs.

  • Admin

    Along that same thought process....we need a field for driver notes that the motor clubs cant screw around with. I try using remarks and untrained motor club reps put info in that too. Comments import from motor clubs, so drivers are unable to overwrite those as well..... thats our policy. So we have no field that the driver can use to input notes because the motor clubs use them up. Why not  a Driver;s Notes or Service Notes field on completion?


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