Adding Price Lists & Applying it to Accounts

Prices lists let you customize services and pricing for accounts.  Certain price lists will only be used on single accounts and other price lists may be used on multiple accounts that have similar pricing structures.

Access the settings page at login with your company administrative credentials.

To add a new price list, choose Price list from the menu and click "Add."  First you must add a name to the price list and then choose "Add Service" to begin adding services and pricing. 

You can choose from the per-defined list of services from the drop down or click "Add New Service", if the option isn't in the list.  If the service has a flat rate, add it in the rate field, otherwise enter 0.  You can add discounts to this service, taxes, or mark discountable if this service could receive a discount.  Repeat this process until you have a completed price list.  



Once the process is complete we need to apply the price list to the accounts that will use it. 

1.  Begin by selecting Accounts from the menu

2.  Select the Account that will use the price list

3.  Select the Price Tab

4.  Choose the price list that account will use


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