Setting up Storage Charges

Setting up storage rates for accounts is simple.  The storage can be entered on a price list or as an account override.

 Access the settings page at login with your company administrative credentials.

Begin by selecting Price List from the menu and the price list we want to modify/add storage.  In this example the storage service has already been added to the price list (How to Create a Price List).  Click the edit button to begin setting up the storage rates. 


Begin by entering the rate in the Service Detail window and click the calculator icon to the right.


In the Storage Price Calculator is split up into a few different sections.

Start Time Offset:  The number of hours before storage fees start to be applied

Grade Period: The number of minutes a customer has to claim a vehicle from impound before there are storage fees.  Once the grade period has expired, charges will be processed from the original start time plus the offset time. 

Initial Fee:  The amount applied to the price before all rules are calculated.  There is no fee if the vehicle is released within the grade period. 

Day Type:  The period of time defined as a single day in the calculator rules.  Options include 24-hour or Calendar Day. 

Unit Price:  This is where you enter the rate and it can be charged per day or per hour.  Clicking the plus sign will allow you to add different storage parameters. 


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