Free Mileage

If an account has free mileage it can be easily entered.  The free mileage can either be added to a price list or as an override on an individual account.

Access the settings page at login with your company administrative credentials.

Begin by selecting Price List from the menu and the price list we want to modify for free mileage.  In this example the Enroute Mileage and Mileage service has already been added to the price list (How to Create a Price List).  Click the edit button to begin setting up free mileage. 


Begin by entering the rate in the Service Details window and then click the calculator icon to the right.

In the Distance Price Calculator select the check box at the top if this is an Enroute Mileage calculation.  In the unit price box enter your price and click the plus sign. 

Lastly, enter the total number of free miles in the first box.  If you need to change how the miles will be rounded, you can change that setting here too. 



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