Beacon Software has spent over a decade creating solutions to benefit you and your business. Whether you handle roadside, light, medium or heavy towing we have the tools you need. Our software solutions are evolving just like the industry. It may be time to look again to review current products.

Dispatch Anywhere is our full dispatch and call management solution. In addition to call entry with account customization, and dispatch, it manages your storage, provides industry specific reporting, and accounts receivable. You have the ability to dispatch directly to a smartphone app or integrated GPS unit. Our mobile app DA for Drivers allows call acceptance, toe specifications, time stamped status updates, adding photos, VIN lookup, taking payments, and printing/emailing tickets or invoices. You can also track your driver’s GPS when they are using the app. Drivers are prompted to enter any account required information before they finish a call. Our mobile dispatcher app DA Mobile allows a dispatcher to manage calls from a mobile device. You can enter new calls, accept motor club calls, dispatch, and track your fleet.

Tow Magic is a digital portal to receive motor club calls more efficiently. Digital clubs can push a call directly to your computer for review. Once accepted the call drops into Dispatch Anywhere. Non digital clubs will still provide a phone call for acceptance and when they send an email or fax, it integrates directly into Dispatch Anywhere.

Motor Club Billing is done in the accounting portion of Dispatch Anywhere with a digital push of completed motor club calls to the respective websites to save the task of manual entry. We bill at a rate of 15 calls per minute resulting a big time savings. It’s as simple as selection your calls and pressing the send button.

Tow Lien is our automated processing service. You can easily search vehicle registrations, and initiate you lien process from a convenient website. Once started, you are provided email updates as letters are automatically mailed out and each step is completed. You are provided a lien packet to bring to auction when the process is complete.

Dispatch Anywhere is a complete solution for any successful towing/roadside operation. Towlien saves time and money for anyone with an impound facility. If motor clubs are a big part of your business Tow Magic and Motor Club Billing are an imperative addition to your software.

Beacon Software thanks you for being a loyal customer. We look forward to a continued relationship as we grow toward the future.


Mike Haney

National Sales Director

Beacon Software Company

(440) 237-6653 x107 – Direct

(866) 437-6653 – Sales

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