Saving Dispatch Grid Layout for Windows Machines



  1. Go to “MY COMPUTER” or "Computer"
    1. In the Tools menu, select folder options
    2. In the folder options, select view
    3. In the view window select “show hidden files and folders”, the click ok
    4. Select c-drive (or your main drive on your computer)
    5. Double click on Documents and Settings
    6. In Document and Settings, double click on the user that you want to edit
    7. The Double click on Local Settings
    8. In Local Settings – Double click on Application Data
    9. In Application Data – Double Click on Beacon Software
    10. In Beacon Software, double click on DA
    11. In DA – right click on file name dispatch.xml and select “copy”
    12. After you have copied this file, go back to your c-drive
    13. Under the c-drive, double click on Program Files
    14. In Program Files – double click on Beacon Software
    15. In Beacon Software – double click on DA
    16. In DA – double click on dispatch (NOTE: this folder may need to be created if this is the first time you are doing this.  To create a new folder, just go to the file/new menu and select new folder.  Make sure you call the folder “Dispatch” and this folder should be in the DA folder).
    17. In dispatch – Paste the file you copied above and then re-name it to whatever you want “ex: bobs dispatch grid layout”
    18. Then close out of MY COMPUTER


Back in Dispatch Anywhere (in order to get your grid layout).  Select the View Menu, Dispatch Grid Layout and then your file.


Note:  In order to recover this grid layout on other computers, you must paste the copied file on these other computers by following the steps above.

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