Dispatch Anywhere August 2017 Update Features

Dispatch Anywhere Aug. 2017 Update Features Video

DA Update (v0.25) 8/9/17:

New Features:

  • Added ability for users to find text in results on the following accounting screens: Enter Payment, Payment History, Submit M.C. Invoices, Create Invoices, Calculate Commissions, Credit Memos
  • Added automatic update of job services in the Enter Payment screen when services are modified locally via Edit Job screen
  • Added ability to scroll results on Enter Payment when amount received is $0.00
  • Added refresh button to Accounting home screen
  • Added automatic saving of columns widths for Large and Classic grids in dispatch
  • Updated map search button and Edit Job popup map expand to use latest version of maps

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue where Show Payment History menu item from Edit Job toolbar incorrectly shows all receipts for the month
  • Fixed issue with not being able to authorize password on payment when pressing Enter instead of clicking OK button

DA Beta Update (v0.25.5) 8/29/17:

New Features:

  • Allow users to copy and paste job number from job edit
  • Added Calculated ETA to Classic Grid and Large grid
  • Force VIN and Plate to uppercase on job edit

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed missing fields and improved readability of Driver Email and TomTom assign/unassign messages
  • Fixed issue where internet disconnects aren't detected sometimes when DA is installed to desktop


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