How to Timestamp a Call and Use Auto-Timestamp

1.  Once a new job is sent, the driver must click the check-mark at the bottom to accept the call.



2.  The call is now accepted and the driver needs to timestamp the call by clicking the timestamp icon.



3.  The driver will continue to timestamp the call as it progresses.  **Note** Once the call is timestamped "Enroute" the driver will get reminder messages as they Arrive and Depart the Incident and Destination locations.  



3a. Once the driver arrives at the incident or destination they will get an alert similar to this. 


3b.  If you slide the message to the left on iPhone's you will have an option to view or clear the alert.  **Note** On Android devices you can click the alert to timestamp the call, the driver does not need to slide the message over


3c. Once the driver clicks view they are presented with the option to timestamp yes or no.


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